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10 Acre Exemptions


Property owners that have continuously owned their property back to 1/10/87 might have an exception to on-lot sewage septic permit requirements.  Qualifying owners automatically are exempt from the sewage planning process if they meet specific requirements.

Click here for additional details about this exception at the PA DEP website.

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Qualifying Questions
You must answer "yes" to all of the following questions in order to apply for a permit exemption:

  1. Is your property and the on-lot septic system located on a contiguous tract of land of 10 acres or more?

  2. Have you continuously owned this property back to January 10, 1987, or as the property owner, have you transferred ownership of a lot 10 acres or more subdivided from the parent tract after January 10, 1987, to a member of the immediate family?

  3. Does your local municipality or agency NOT have a local ordinance requiring the issuance of an on-lot sewage system permit - regardless of size?

  4. Does the on-lot septic system serve a residential structure?

  5. Have you or a member of your immediate family occupied the residential structure on the property?

Instructions for Getting a 10 Acre Permit Exemption
Click here to view detailed instructions for obtaining a 10 Acre Permit Exemption.

Sample Worksheet Form for Municipality

Click here to see a sample of the 10 Acre Permit Exception Worksheet - MS-Word format.  This worksheet will need to be filled out by your municipality before the WCSC assigns an SEO to your application.

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